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Mushroom offers more health benefits than we realize--it's a superfood for all ages. 

As summertime draws near, everyone becomes busy with plans and out-of-town trips. Scheduling work around outings may be a challenge. What better way to de-stress than by taking a break and adding nutritional supplements to your daily routine?

In our previous article, we discussed how mushrooms are a good alternative for the health-conscious this year. It's not just vegan-friendly, but it's also widely available in powder and capsule form on the market.

Like all other food supplements, mushrooms can fight off early signs of illnesses. However powerful, they shouldn't be meant as a substitute but rather to complement your everyday diet. But in today's way of life, eating healthy is not enough. That's why many food supplements offer alternatives that have stress-relieving properties to make you feel at your optimum.

Fatigue expresses itself in a number of ways. It manifests itself through headaches, loss of appetite, and even drowsiness. While everyone has their own unique experience, it all boils down to feeling empty and unproductive. 

Does mushroom help in combating stress?

The Reishi mushroom is well-known for its numerous health benefits, which include stress reduction and mood enhancement. In China, Reishi and other types of mushrooms have been used for thousands of years. Aside from that, it's also an effective pre-workout to prepare you for the day's activities.

Mushroom to boost energy

Feeling stressed reduces your productivity. One way to combat this is to carefully choose what you eat and drink. Sports drinks and supplements contain mushroom properties as they boost endurance, which is useful for high-intensity workouts. Aside from reishi, some of the most potent energy-boosting mushrooms are cordyceps, shitake, lion's mane, and turkey tail. 


Optimi's plant-based wellness options, such as functional mushrooms, are a wonderful addition to your diet to help you thrive naturally.

Notice that you gain mental clarity and increased energy when you take supplements over time. There's nothing like feeling your best. Knowing that you're alert and well helps combat all the negativity thrown at you. This allows you to avoid feeling stressed about every single thing.

Optimi's single-strain supplements provide you with the specific properties of each mushroom to combat stress and fatigue:

  • Mindful strain of lion’s mane - this natural drug offers brain-boosting functions that could enhance your memory and mental clarity. 
  • Perform strain of cordyceps - The energy tonic is known to reduce fatigue, and improve oxygen utilization to help you go harder and longer in all of your daily tasks and life’s pursuits.

Optimi Formulation

Optimi supplements include a special blend of five beneficial mushrooms, including reishi, lion's mane, turkey tail, cordyceps, and chaga. All of these ingredients provide mind-clearing and calming effects, allowing you to go about your day with ease.

These can also be found in Optimi’s Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder, which has 22 grams of vegan protein per serving and is filled with superfood benefits. This is great for adding to your smoothie mix for an all-natural brain boost.

Feel the difference with Optimi Health options. Find something you’d like at Optimi Life Shop. You can also check their Instagram for updates and other products they have in store.

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