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You may not know it, but beets are a nutritional powerhouse. It has been used to help digestion and liver health as well as support cardiovascular health and exercise performance. As you go through the article, you can learn in detail the benefits of eating beets as well as how they can be used to make delicious recipes.

There are many different kinds of this root veggie that you can buy outside of a grocery store. Not only does it come in red, but it also comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Types of beets

Red Beet 

Red beets lose some suppleness while preserved, but they gain sweetness as well. They can be served in a number of ways, but the most common is roasted, which also makes them easy to peel. 

Baby beets

Baby beets are the beets that are pulled out of the field in the spring to make room for more beets to grow. Farmers who are smart sell these small things as something special. They are soft and usually have tasty greens. However, instead of throwing them away, serve them with the greens that come with them.


Chioggia beets have stripes by nature. While some have a subdued yellow and orange colour scheme, others have a vibrant red and cream candy cane look. Use them as you would other beets, but cooking them often causes the eye-catching striping to fade or even disappear.


Golden beets aren't as sweet as the red ones, but they taste nicer and less earthy all over. They  give roasted foods or salads a bright, zesty yellow colour. Golden beets are also nice to add to a pan of roasted vegetables because, unlike red beets, they don't turn everything pink.

Benefits of red beets

Red beets are a good source of nutrients and minerals for our bodies' nutritional needs. But it's their jewel-like colour from betalains that makes them such a marvel. Betalains are natural plant pigments that give them their pretty purple/red colour and contain antioxidants. This factor alone elevates red beets to the top of the list of root vegetables.

Support Cardiovascular Health

Beets are high in the prominent plant compounds betaine and folate. They can assist in reducing the amount of homocysteine in your blood. If you have a lot of this component in your body, your chances of getting artery damage and other heart problems are increased. These nutrients act together to support the health of your heart and  arteries.

Maintain Healthy Eyesight

Lutein, an antioxidant that helps shield the eyes from age-related damage, is a good antioxidant found in beet greens. They also include a wide range of phytochemicals that could benefit the condition of your nerve tissues and eyes.

Support Regularity

Whole beets are high in fibre that can help keep things moving through the digestive tract in order to stay regular. One cup of beets daily is enough to deliver adequate amounts of dietary fibre, which are mainly insoluble in nature. 

Enhance brain functions

Nitrates in beets make nitric oxide, which helps get more blood to your brain and other parts of your body. As we get older, our bodies start to lose the ability to make nitric oxide. So, our brain's ability to use energy and keep neurons active also gets worse. Since this is the case, the nutrients in these root vegetables can be very helpful in supporting healthy circulation. MRIs of older people who ate a high-nitrate diet that included beet juice showed that the white matter in their frontal lobes got more blood flow after.

Are Red Beets Healthier Raw or Cooked? 

Some people like to eat their vegetables raw, while others like to cook, bake, or roast them. Note that beets that are raw have more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than those that have been cooked. Like many other vegetables, the longer you cook beets (especially in water), the more of the colourful phytonutrients leak out of the food and into the water. Instead of boiling them, roast them or sauté them to maintain these nutrients.

Red Beet Crystals by Flora Health

With its tremendous health benefits, Flora Health made it easier to consume and add to your meals. Each 200-gram jar contains 15 cups of organic beets. As a natural supplement, Flora made sure that it used a unique extraction process without heat, solvents, or other chemicals. It’s safe for any type of diet, especially since it's an organic, vegan, and non-GMO product. 

With naturally sweet-tasting and quickly soluble Red Beet Crystals, you can add the health benefits of red beets to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Flora Red Beet Crystals are carefully made from the juice of newly harvested organic ones, which are pressed soon after harvest. They go well in smoothies, soups, muesli, and other dishes.

To food or beverages, add 3 tablespoons. Also great when eaten dry off of the spoon, this is appropriate for daily use.

PS: Keep it at room temperature. After opening, store it dry and away from moisture. After use, replace the cap carefully as Red Beet Crystals rapidly absorb moisture when exposed to air. Although moisture may cause the crystals to "cake," the product's integrity will not be affected. The filling level may vary depending on crystal density.

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