#WellPicks Healthy Snacks

They get a bad rep but snacks can be healthy and wholesome, you just need to be mindful when selecting the ones you’re consuming. While generally we try to ditch the snacks and stick to satiating and satisfying meals we also understand that there is a time and a place for them (and some would argue that it’s always a good time for snacks – we don’t disagree). So to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite pre-packaged snacks that tick all the boxes of containing real ingredients, satisfying our cravings and tasting delicious.


These little nuggets are a favourite because they’re simple, sweet and compact. They’re convenient like a granola bar but you can eat them in one bite, which is great for when you’re on-the-go. What’s even better is their ingredient list: the base of these energy bites is simply nuts, dates, coconut oil and sea salt. If we’re getting technical they’re also organic, vegan, non-GMO, paleo and gluten free. Born out of Toronto, Nomz has exploded over the last few years and you can find them at hundreds of retailers across Canada in a variety of flavours. Our personal fave is pistachio but you’ll have to try them all to see what you think.


These bars are not only delicious, but keto friendly. We are all about promoting healthy fats in the diet and these are full of fats derived from plant-based sources like coconut and peanuts. Love Good Fats Bars have a pretty clean ingredients list, but we favour them most because they are actually super yummy which is often hard to find in the world of protein and energy bars. They have a smooth and light texture that just melts in your mouth (cue the drooling). If you’re craving a chocolate bar without the guilt these low-sugar, soy and GMO-free bars are a great fix. We just tried the PB & J flavour and we’re obsessed.


If you’re lost looking for a healthy cracker option, look no further. These are honestly the perfect crackers. They boast Canadian-derived ingredients like locally grown flax seeds and are flavoured with liquid aminos and nutritional yeast, eliminating excess sugars and added oils. Eve’s Crackers are super tasty and come in different flavours such as Chili Pepper and Black Sesame. Paired with hummus, it doesn’t get much better in terms of snacking. We first discovered them at Be Fresh, but you can find them at a number of grocery stores here in Vancouver.


Running with the perfect pairing for Eve’s crackers we have to talk about Spread ‘Em Kitchens cashew spreads. This is a super genuine company that prides itself on honouring real, whole foods in their spreads without using preservatives or thickeners. The Spread ‘Em dips are full of vegetables sourced locally from farmers that support non-GMO agriculture. Their fermented line of cashew cheese mimics the profile of a cream cheese spread with flavours like jalapeno and garlic & chive. We love them paired with crackers and veggies but they’re also a great alternative for classic sandwich spreads, meat marinades and sauces.


And if you really want a bag of potato chips, nothing is going to satiate your craving quite like these. Hardbite is a company local to Vancouver that provides chips free of trans fats, GMO’s and artificial flavourings. While they do offer the real deal with locally farmed potatoes, we love them for their line of vegetable chips. From beets to parsnips, these salty chips pack a satisfying crunch with every bite. If you’re going to binge watch Netflix with any snack, at least you know you’re opting for some crispy veggies instead of the much un-healthier alternatives.


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Justine is a Holistic Nutritionist based out of Vancouver, BC. She recently graduated from IHN and is pursuing her passions in food preparation and recipe development alongside online marketing. Justine loves to share the power of food and how it is so crucial in preventative medicine, while also affirming that healthy food can be delicious and simple to implement into an everyday lifestyle.

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