Well at home with Melissa Nkomo

Melissa Nkomo is a wellness expert, movement and meditation coach, and the founder of Kunye.co. Kunye offers a collection of mindful movement classes that help you align, define, and unwind, while providing accessible resources for people seeking to deepen their relationship with their well being. At its foundation, Melissa’s approach to wellness is inclusionary, and shares the stories and experiences of all types of people. We highly recommend checking out one of her yoga, meditation or pilates classes.

As big fans of Melissa’s health and wellness philosophy, we wanted to know how she’s been adapting to our “new normal”.

What’s helping you find calm and peace of mind right now?

Deep breaths. Long walks with my dog Hobbs while listening to audiobooks. Conversations with my closest girlfriends.

What are your current go-to dishes? Or are there staple ingredients you’re finding yourself using often?

The staple ingredients I find myself using often are fresh greens and seasonal fruits and veggies. 

What does movement or fitness look like to you right now?

I’m currently getting ready to launch an online mindful movement platform, so I’ve been filming a lot of yoga, pilates, and rebounding videos which keeps me moving a lot. I’m also a contemporary pilates instructor so I train on the reformer and other pilates apparatus quite often. Things are very busy so right now, work and my fitness routine overlap. 

What’s keeping you entertained while at home?

My dog Hobbs is always up to something cute and entertaining! 

What’s one more thing you can share that’s helping you create a new sense of “normal” right now?

Letting go of what I think “normal” should be and what I thought it was. I find surrendering to our current circumstances, rather than resisting them has helped me find a sense of peace and balance during these unprecedented times. 

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