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Meghan Telpner is an author, speaker, nutritionist, and director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (an amazing online program that officially launched me — Kylie — on my path to holistic nutrition. The next culinary nutrition expert program starts in September, highly recommend checking it out). She’s written two bestselling books: UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health and The UnDiet Cookbook, has been featured in Forbes, and was ranked as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada

While of course a key aspect of Meghan’s personal journey to health and wellness has been nutrition, self care and mental wellbeing practices like yoga, meditation, and simply knowing when to slow down, have also been integral components of her journey. Below Meghan share’s what’s been especially helpful for her mind and body while staying at home.

What’s helping you find calm and peace of mind right now?

I have reignited both my long-form yoga practice with a two hour practice every Sunday and am back to daily meditation. In times of challenge and stress, these are the absolute hardest to make space for, but I know are critical for my mental wellbeing, and profoundly beneficial to my physical health and resilience. Finding engaging and calm activities to do with my almost-three-year-old son has also been incredibly grounding. We’ve planted seeds to get our garden started, been painting, and cooking together. 

I’ve also made a conscious effort to avoid watching any aggressive TV shows or movies. This is always the case, but right now, even more so. Basically, we’re watching a lot of baking competitions. Lastly, I find showing up every day and doing my job extremely beneficial. 

On the mornings I feel more anxious, I know that showing up for my team and my community is vital. I love my daily to-do list for work — the tasks and projects that keep me inspired and feeling productive, are perhaps right now, the greatest motivator to keep clear headed and not give in to the fear-inspired messages that are unhelpfully being thrown at us with great force.

What are your current go-to dishes? Or are there staple ingredients you’re finding yourself using often?

Ghee, or clarified butter, is basically a food group for me. I feel best when I am eating a lot of fat — it helps fuel my nervous system, keeps me satiated and also stabilizes blood sugar. Blood sugar imbalance has the exact same symptoms for me as mental/emotionally triggered anxiety and as a highly sensitive person, I need to be mindful of this. As far as favourite meals go, we’ve been doing a lot of one-pot meals that I can prep in the morning, and basically require a 20-minute simmer to be ready. This includes things like my Clean Butter ChickenCoconut Curry, and Morrocan Inspired Spiced Lamb with hummus and turmeric rice (surprisingly easy!). All of these have both vegan and paleo variations as well, so we mixed it up.

What does movement or fitness look like to you right now?

I am obsessed with Obe Fitness. I signed on a little over a year ago when I was feeling like my vitality was being compromised. I no longer had time for hour-long yoga classes and couldn’t fit my previous routine of pilates classes into my schedule. Obe has 28-minute amazingly fun and challenging workouts. I’ve sustained this in my life with 4-5 classes a week for over a year and I am still loving it. They offer a complimentary 7-day trial that everyone should take advantage of! 

(Note: Code MEGHAN30 can get people 30% off their first month if they stay past the free week).

What’s keeping you entertained while at home?

I have a little boy who will be three in June. He is currently well into the body part / bodily function stage so there’s that. Honestly, I wish I had time to be bored. I would love to be taking up water colour, cross stitch and macrame — but with a little one, and myself and my husband working to keep our respective businesses going, there is no end to things to do.

What’s one more thing you can share that’s helping you create a new sense of “normal” right now?

We are sticking to our routines as best as we can. We had health and wellbeing practices in place before all this, and are working out ways to keep that going. I suspect that what we consider ‘normal’ will only continue to evolve. I choose to trust that once the initial fear subsides and we can begin thinking critically about what’s going on, that many of us will be taking greater measures towards caring for our health and wellbeing, that of the planet and each other. 

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