The “Well at Home” Guide

Whether we like it or not, we’re going to be spending a whole lot of time at home over the next little while. And because our home is now also our personal office, gym, yoga studio, coffee shop and sleep sanctuary, it can start to feel a little cramped, to say the least. But while our current situation and everything else happening outside of our walls can feel overwhelming, we have the ability to create a space and a “new normal” that can help maintain calm and peace of mind while we navigate the current unknown. Here are a few tips that have personally helped us so far that hope might help you too.



Because a lot of us aren’t able to experience as much fresh air as usual, the air quality in our home is more important than ever. A few small things that have helped freshen up our indoor space include using a Himalayan salt lamp for its warm glow and ion neutralizing qualities, or diffusing essential oil blends to keep the air smelling fresh (you can use uplifting or calming oils too, depending on your mood). And if your home is feeling dry, a humidifier is always a good solution, otherwise simply boiling a pot of water and letting it steam can add some moisture back into the air (especially in small spaces).



One big shift for a lot of people is suddenly having to create (and enforce) their own daily routine and schedule. Creating a daily flow will help you stay focused, and ensure you schedule some time for other activities like virtual socializing, making meals and being active. We have both worked from home a lot over the years, and trust us, forcing yourself to create boundaries and shut down from work at a certain time makes a world a of difference. We’ve also found that task managing platforms like asana are really helpful for staying on track (especially if you work with others), and are also a great way to hold yourself accountable to your tasks.



Our yoga mats and props now have permanent places right in our living rooms (Brianna even rearranged the rest of her furniture to keep her B Yoga Mat out at all times so she can use it for working). And if staying “heavily meditated” during this time is what’s getting you through, then keep your meditation cushion in sight as a reminder to embrace the stillness. The more you can keep these wellness essentials in sight the more you will be reminded to use them.



While we’re all in different situations in terms of what “nature” looks like to us right now, if you can get outside at least once a day and take a few breaths, it can be really beneficial (a simple, maybe obvious tip, but an important one nonetheless!). And if you’re lucky enough to live in a climate that allows for outdoor bare feet right now, try to get your feet onto the earth for a little grounding.


The beauty of being home all the time is that you actually get to catch up with all those friends and family you were constantly saying “we should catch up sometime” to. Whether it’s a spontaneous call that turns into a dinner date, or a weekly wine catch-up with your close friends (which we are loving as it gives us something to look forward to each week), staying connected with friends from all over is a nice silver lining to what can feel like an otherwise lonely time. But do keep in mind, if you’re feeling drained from a full day of video conferences and want some alone time, that’s OK too. Just as in “normal” life, it’s OK to say no to plans, you still have the prerogative to socialize on your own terms.



Just because you have more time to cook and bake doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you’re going to feel like doing all the time. And of course we no longer have the luxury of running to the grocery store every other day for fresh ingredients. Meal prepping and buying ingredients that you can use in a variety of dishes has been really helpful over the last few weeks, as has baking some healthy cookies or muffins to have on hand for snacks or a quick breakfast.

One final tip that’s also helped us manage anxiety is to limit our media consumption. Both of us have our morning routines where we either check informative newsletters like The Bullet (Canadian!), read a few articles in the Globe and Mail or listen to CBC News, but we try not to stay glued to news channels or social media. Things can get overwhelming quickly when you are constantly being inundated with information, so set to give yourself some boundaries.


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