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Welltalks: oil pulling

What led you to start Kismet Essentials?

It was really just one step leading to another that brought me here. I’ve always been involved in business, my parents had their own local businesses and I grew up helping them. I used to run a residential and commercial painting business, which taught me a lot. At the end of the day it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. It wasn’t sustainable for my happiness and what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to get involved with e-commerce for the flexibility so it was a matter of figuring out what to sell. Then I discovered oil pulling.

How did you discover oil pulling and what was your first experience like?

I’m always looking to improve my habits and stumbled across oil pulling online. It was one of those things I read about and the benefits sounded awesome. I had tried oil pulling in the past, and when I first did I was like “What? No.” It was something that I really wanted to be good at but I just failed miserably. I didn’t even last 30 seconds. But the more I did research on it, the more I really wanted to be able to stick with it. I really wanted to make a better habit of it, so I tried a better coconut oil which really helped. Then when I heard about people mixing it with peppermint, that’s kind of where the concept for the kit came from. I just wanted it to be a little bit more accessible, and that’s why I chose to produce the Coco Rinse first. I just really loved oil pulling and I wanted people to have a better experience with it.

How does the coconut oil work to clean your mouth?

The idea behind oil pulling is “like dissolves like” in the way that they can cancel each other out. The plaque and tartar on your teeth are fat-soluble, so the fat from the coconut oil is able to slowly breakdown the plaque and tartar on your teeth. When you do actually brush and floss your teeth, it’s able to more easily remove it. The coconut oil is also very anti-bacterial. This is great for fresh breath, and removing all of the bad bacteria and toxins from your mouth.

How regularly do you need to do it in order to see results?

Everyday. It’s like going to the gym, you will feel great afterwards, but you will only really experience results when you go consistently. That’s why we sell it in the two week kits. After 10 days is when people notice the most difference, like whiter teeth and fresher breath. Of course, even after one use your mouth will still feel cleaner. You almost feel like you don’t need to brush your teeth, but of course, you should.

When is the best time to oil pull?

First thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything. The other part of oil pulling is to try to “pull” other toxins that are residing in your mouth out of your body and expel those. That’s why you do it even before you drink water. You don’t want to reabsorb those toxins back into your body. Oil pull, spit it out (in the garbage not the sink!), and then brush and floss your teeth.

Oil pulling has grown in popularity in the past few years, what makes your product different than just using a jar of coconut oil?

First of all, it’s so important that if you are going to be putting coconut oil into your mouth it should be of good quality. Ours is organic, cold pressed, and fair trade. The jar of coconut oil that people have at home, can be a little unappetizing because they are using it for everything – baking, cooking, haircare, all different things. The biggest thing that makes the kit different is that it’s great for travelling. And it’s great for beginners who are just starting out, because of the peppermint flavour, which makes it more appetizing. The other really nice thing about the sachets which is good for beginners, is that they can run them under hot water to liquify the coconut oil so you can skip that sensation of it kind of dissolving in your mouth, which can feel very strange and foreign to a lot of people. This way it just feels like a mouthwash.

What personal benefits have you noticed from oil pulling?

It’s one of those things, when you do it for a really long time you kind of take the benefits for granted. Right now I’m not oil pulling, I told myself I’m not going to do it for three weeks, and my teeth feel disgusting. Already I can feel the plaque and tartar buildup, I can’t wait to start again. Your mouth just feels inexplicably cleaner, your teeth feel brighter and whiter and overall just so much better. It’s one of those things that can’t really be explained until you try it, and do it for about a month straight to really notice the difference.


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Brianna Persall

Brianna Persall is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, yoga instructor and co-founder of Well Daily. After studying design and working in the creative marketing industry for a few years, and facing her own personal health issues, she resorted to holistic approaches for healing. As she discovered the healing powers of food as medicine, she wanted to further share with the world holistic healing through Well Daily. Brianna integrates yoga as a healing modality through her classes at music festivals and corporate wellness programs.

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