Gamechangers: Graydon Moffat of Graydon Skincare

Brianna and I first discovered our love for Graydon Skincare when we tried out their Face Glow Tinted Moisturizer, Primer and Illuminator. This product is magic (and 100% all-natural). If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing a lot of makeup, you can throw this one, pretty much on its own, and it helps to even out skin tone and gives you a dewy, glowy finish. And that’s what we love most about Toronto-based Graydon Skincare. They’re the real deal; they offer clean, plant-based products, that don’t force you to compromise on quality. To find out more about how it all began, we interviewed the founder of the eponymous brand, Graydon Moffat. (And P.S. — Seriously, try Face Glow, you will thank us).

What is Graydon Skincare?

We are a results driven skincare company with carefully formulated, clinically proven superfood actives that strive to help you and your skin look and feel beautiful.

Why did you decide to start the company?

There’s a two-fold answer to this. I was actually teaching yoga for a long time (it was probably in the early 1990’s), and I noticed that many of my students needed help with their skin. Besides actually teaching them to do yoga postures, I was teaching them self-care. So we talked about nourishing oils and I started blending combinations for red, dry, irritated skin, which was the complaint that most people had towards their skin. 

Additionally, I’ve always been influenced by food. Starting when I lived in Paris as a little girl, the aromas, flavours, farmer’s fields, and vineyards I encountered left such a significant imprint on me. Later on in life, this would inspire me to want to work in the culinary world. After an exploration of classical culinary approaches, and working in pastry, I made some health changes as part of my commitment to creating wellness in my life. This is what lead me to macrobiotic cooking, and focusing my culinary work on a vegan, whole-food mission. After becoming certified as a yoga teacher, it was a natural expansion for me to make my own healing products for customers; the skills for which allude back to my work in the kitchen with recipe development.

Many people might not realize that we can get highly effective skincare ingredients simply from the foods we eat every day. Can you talk about the connection between food and beauty?

Well it’s a known fact that what goes on you, goes in you. If you are already making lifestyle choices that include eating well (kale salad, green smoothies) then why wouldn’t you want to treat your skin with the same respect and fuel it with the nutrients it needs so that you can look and feel your best?

True story: When I was in California and I had started out my micro home food delivery business, I would often include my goji berry skin mask (homemade from scratch). My esthetician at the time had celebrity clients, and they were having amazing results using these superfood formulations on their skin. This is when I noticed that topical application of superfoods on the skin is very impactful. It’s when I had the ‘aha!’ moment to turn that into a business I could develop with love.

How do you come up with your formulations?

They are much like creating recipes and they often come to me intuitively – often in the middle of the night! I write the idea down, which usually results in me developing a concept in the kitchen. For example, my favourite superfoods right now are Blue Majik and butterfly pea powder.  The portfolio of superfoods that we use in our products are not only nutrient dense and have a significant impact when applied topically, a lot of them are also incredibly beautiful and add a wonderful visual to the products that we make, like green in matcha and blue in Blue Majik. We want colour because colour can lift our mood! 

As the green beauty movement continues to pick up steam, how do you continue to differentiate yourself as a brand?

The natural skincare realm is heavily populated by lots of small companies and home crafters which makes it difficult for consumers to choose real efficacious products. Our focus is to formulate with plant-powered superfood ingredients that have gone through clinical testing to whole heartedly communicate (in full transparency) with our customers the benefits of the ingredients that we use, and how they are impactful to one’s skin.

How would you say Graydon Skincare is changing the game?

My vision is that one day there won’t just be “green beauty” or “natural skin care” versus conventional mainstream beauty (department stores and pharmacies). I hope that one day there will just be a “beauty” category. Given that, we are changing the game by offering today’s demanding customer the efficacy and performance of conventional anti-aging actives but with all the goodness of über clean ingredient lists, packaged in minimal and elegant, yet luxurious, packaging.


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Kylie McGregor is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and editor-in-chief at Well Daily. After four years working in Toronto as a publicist, Kylie’s passion for nutrition, a desire to learn more and share this knowledge with others led her to enroll in Meghan Telpner’s Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, which provides an in-depth education around the healing properties of various foods and how to prepare them. Upon completion of this three-month program, Kylie decided to further her education and enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, where she completed the one-year diploma program. Kylie hopes to share the knowledge she’s gained on her own journey, and encourage others to take control of their own health, wellness and happiness.

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