Brianna & Kylie

Catch up with Brianna and Kylie

Oh hey! It’s been a while. We thought we’d catch you up on what we’ve been up to.

Since launching Well Daily a year and a half ago, we’ve been working together on growing the website, collaborating with brands we love, and setting up our Well Daily shop. We are of course so grateful to the team of experts we work with who offer their expertise through articles and social media takeovers, and can’t wait to keep sharing more and more content with you. Are there any themes or areas of health and wellness you’d like to see more of? Let us know!

So what else have we been up to?

It has been amazing to watch Well Daily grow and evolve into what it is today. When we first launched, we were a bit unsure of the exact direction, but our philosophy about wellness being simple and accessible is still at the foundation of our brand. Using Well Daily as a platform has been a great way to connect and collaborate with other like-minded brands and experts (mostly Canadian too, which is important to us). Having our audience respond to, and be positively impacted from the information and teachings we have shared is so rewarding and motivating. Among my many other side projects (freelance marketing and social media, teaching yoga, property management, investing… the list is too long) my passion and calling really lies with building Well Daily into a bigger brand, and eventually hosting more workshops, retreats and “IRL” experiences. I am currently in Indonesia, soaking up the retreat life, teaching yoga at an off the grid yoga and surf lodge called Utopia, and enjoying all of the great things that Indonesia has to offer. -Brianna

In addition to Well Daily, I’m also currently working as the Communications Director for a Toronto-based supplement company, and do a bit of freelance PR work too. When I originally decided to go to nutrition school, it was largely based on following a passion I had developed for health and nutrition. I didn’t necessarily want to become a practitioner, but was curious to see where this new passion might lead. Like many nutrition school grads, it took a while for me to find my footing professionally, but working on Well Daily has allowed me to stay curious and excited about health, wellness and nutrition and turn something I love into something valuable, and that hopefully helps others. – Kylie

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