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Dealing with unresolved or unexplained health issues can be incredibly frustrating. You’re often forced to experiment with different diets, treatment plans or supplements, many times resulting in no real answers or noticeable improvements. I know this all too well from experience. Over the years I’ve been open to a variety of alternative healing practises — everything from osteopathy and acupuncture for my digestive issues, to reiki and intuitive coaching. Most recently, I had the chance to chat with medical intuitive Katie Beecher, who uses information from her guides and techniques from Jungian psychology to help people heal, whether physically or emotionally. Learn more about what Katie does as a medical intuitive below. Suffice it to say that if you’ve given up hope or are feeling stuck with your health issues, Katie’s medical intuition insights might be the answer you’re looking for.

Medical intuitive Katie Beecher

For those who aren’t familiar, what exactly is a medical intuitive and what do you do?

In general, medical intuitives can tap into people’s energy and bodies and identify symptoms as well as causes of physical issues that are going on.  They usually help them come up with solutions as well.  I call myself a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive because I can tap into a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual energy as well as their body.  I am able to detect all of the root causes of different types of issues, past and present and various emotional, spiritual and physical traits.  These include trauma, relationship issues, intuitive and empathic abilities, life stressors, accidents, career and life path concerns and more.  I am also a medium so I receive information from my guides as well as people’s loved one’s who have passed.

What truly makes me unique is the way I conduct my readings.  Knowing only a name and age, before ever seeing or talking with someone, I create an extensive, individualized report detailing the information above as well as a symbolic painting of their energy.  I send this before we meet and it is discussed during our time together.  I get more information during the meeting and we come up with solutions going forward.  I also work in conjunction with other health practitioners so I make recommendations when necessary for diagnosis, confirmation of my findings, testing and treatment.

Can you talk about the connection between physical illness and disease and our emotional and spiritual state?

I believe that symptoms are our intuition’s way of getting our attention and that they appear when we have deviated from our true path, from being our authentic self.  If we are listening to our intuition, we can respond easily and quickly, but when we push it down along with our feelings, it has to get our attention by striking us down with illness or even an accident.  This is not to say that getting sick is our fault but I do think that we can avoid illness by paying attention to when our intuition is telling us that we need to rest, speak up for ourselves or leave jobs or relationships that are making us miserable and weakening our immune system by stressing our adrenals. The good news is that by listening and making changes, we have the ability to heal ourselves through medical intuition.

Who and when might someone benefit from seeing a medical intuitive?

Anyone can benefit from a session! People come to me with a variety of issues, from mystery illnesses, to illnesses they are aware of that they want additional help treating, to recovery from chronic pain or inflammation.  Many people I work with want support healing from trauma and dysfunctional family issues. Others just want help connecting to intuition, their spiritual guides, discovering their life path and improving their relationships.  

Why is “medical intuition” such an important alternative healing therapy? 

As a medical and spiritual intuitive, one of my main goals is root cause healing. When you discover the true root cause of an issue you can treat it permanently, not just band-aid symptoms. You can often do this without medication or with a minimum of traditional medical intervention because the answers are deeper than just taking a pill.  It can be hard work, but definitely worth it. 

Another important goal during my medical intuition sessions is helping people to connect to their intuition and heal from within. I believe that we have the answers already and that we are filled with tremendous love and power, we just need help learning to tap into it. Many people are filled with anxiety and don’t feel safe.  They feel helpless and often hopeless, having tried many different healing modalities and “solutions” only to be let down after spending thousands of dollars in the process.  I find that this is often because these modalities do not teach people to trust themselves or work as a team with their bodies in the healing process. We don’t have to put our power in someone else’s hands. The work I do can bring about true healing and prevent future issues from occurring, along with fostering self-love, authenticity and connection to intuition. I feel very blessed.

To find out more or to book a session with Katie head to her website.

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