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Intuitive Coaching

Dr. DiviYour first thought is likely, what exactly is intuitive coaching? I’ve been fortunate enough to see Vancouver-based intuitive coach Dr. Divi Chandna twice, and from my personal experience, I see it as a therapy session that facilitates an examination of our patterns, limiting beliefs and what it is we are truly capable of achieving and changing about ourselves. Dr. Divi doesn’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t think, rather she taps into her own intuition by reading your energy and helps you bring subconscious thoughts, memories, fears, etc. to the surface. Of course each session is different for every person, depending on what you’re seeking or where you’re at emotionally, but a session with Dr. Divi can be really helpful if you’re feeling stuck, personally or in your career, if you want to work through emotional or health issues, or maybe if you’ve tried conventional therapy and are interested in coming at it from a different angle.

Interestingly, Dr. Divi is a former MD, who after years working as a family physician, started noticing the effects stress, emotions and negative thought patterns can have on us physically, and decided to shift her focus away from conventional medicine to the mind-body connection. Below Dr. Divi takes us through what exactly intuitive coaching is, and who can benefit from it.

For those who haven’t experienced intuitive coaching, what is it and how does it work?
Intuitive coaching uses intuition (an inner, instinctual knowing), universal laws and mind-body emotional principles to help another person. The concept of intuitive coaching revolves around the idea that we create our lives through our energy patterns, both conscious and subconscious. Many of our subconscious patterns do not allow us to thrive and truly live life the way we want to. With intuitive coaching, I teach and guide people how to shift out of their limiting subconscious habits and help them create the life of their dreams.

Who and when might someone benefit the most from intuitive coaching?
People turn to intuitive coaching when they want to truly improve their lives and know it’s possible. Some people come with health issues, while there are others who want help with relationships, with business, money, life purpose and more.

How do treatments differ in terms of intuitive coaching being an immediate solution to an acute problem (e.g. emotional trauma, severe anxiety, physical pain) vs. as a more long-term solution (e.g. chronic anxiety, digestion, addiction, etc.)?
It is a bit of both. Depending on a person’s emotional openness and personal growth to date, the solution can be immediate simply in terms of relief. Training the mind to perceive things differently than it is is the true key to healing. But a clients’ ability to hold that new thought pattern is dependent on their personal growth to date. For some, a single session can provide almost immediate relief from an acute issue, however most people use intuitive coaching on a more long-term basis. The longer we are aware of ourselves and focus on shifting who we are, the better we can heal and become the best versions of ourselves.

Why is intuitive coaching such an important alternative healing therapy?
Intuitive coaching is a very important form of therapy, as most people do not know what they do not know. Using intuitive guidance, you can see much beyond the limits of your mind. Einstein taught us that time is not uni-focused to right now. In fact, time is a time-space continuum in which the future already exists. The brain only lets us experience time as a series of recurrent moments. In this way, intuition let’s us see what the truth is and doesn’t get limited by what the brain is saying about now. So seeing an intuitive coach can let you step outside of the brain’s limitations so you can truly live what you are inspired (in spirit) to do.

For more information about Dr. Divi, check out her website. She’s also available over Skype if you’re not in Vancouver. Can not recommend a session with her enough!

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