Alternative healing spotlight: Soul Blueprint Activator

We all have our own approaches to seeking answers to “the big questions” that work for us. For some, it’s an introspective avenue, while others look to external guidance like books, physics, card readings or phone calls with parents. If you haven’t quite found your source, or the answers you are looking for, Soul Blueprint Activation might be for you. We recently chatted with Baljit Rayat, the creator of the Lotus Destiny Soul Blueprint Activator™ system, intuitive healer and Akashic Records consultant and teacher, to learn more about Soul Blueprint Activator as an alternative healing modality.

Founder of Soul Blueprint Activation: Baljit Rayat

For those who aren’t familiar, what exactly is a Soul Blueprint Activator and what are the origins?

A Soul Blueprint Activator is a sacred geometric image that I channel, which gives you specific information about your human design to stay on track with your soul’s mission and live your highest potential. Like a blueprint for an architectural building, your soul has its blueprint that provides specific details about your purpose and gifts, and how you are to express them in this incarnation. Your Soul Blueprint Activator acts as a soul healing tool to keep your vibration high and reset your energy field to realign you back to your truth. By doing so, you can accelerate on your path and be of higher contribution to yourself and others on the planet.

The origins came from my background in architecture, where I spent seven years working in that industry before starting my own business. In 2008 while still working in architecture, I was doing Akashic Record readings, teaching reiki on the side, and also exploring many other energy modalities. I was living two different lives, one in the corporate industry and the other holistic. One day while working on a site plan at the architectural firm, I started to channel these existential geometric shapes and patterns, which I now call Soul Blueprint Activators. I remember my co-worker next to me asked: “What are you doing, and what is that?” My response was, “I don’t know, but I need to finish this.”

I continued through lunch channelling these sacred geometric shapes on the computer and afterwards sent it home so I could print it out. Once I printed the Soul Blueprint Activators it felt like a euphoric homecoming – my purpose had arrived. I couldn’t stop crying, and all I was experiencing was this feeling of oneness and ecstasy.

I knew then that this was something that needed to be shared and expressed. The Soul Blueprint Activator is a powerful gateway in reclaiming who you are.

What is the process like and how does it work?

The process of receiving a Soul Blueprint Activator takes about a week. I start with a 1/2 hour design session. During this session, I ask a few questions where I can clairvoyantly see the sacred geometric image of your Soul Blueprint Activator.

Within that week, I’ll be working with your energy field to channel to your Soul Blueprint Activator on an architectural software. When the image starts to reveal itself on the computer, I’ll receive intuitive information with what your soul needs to focus on and how to express your gifts. I’ll also see anything else that’s important to know, such as patterns and blocks that are in the way of you accessing your highest potential.

There is a second 1/2 hour follow up session at the end of the week where you’ll receive a jpeg and pdf of your Soul Blueprint Activator along with a write up of what’s most important to focus on creating space and alignment to your purpose and gifts. This session includes integration, clarity and soul healing information.

Who and when might someone benefit from receiving a Soul Blueprint

A Soul Blueprint Activator is beneficial for anyone who feels a deep desire to access their highest potential, who is ready to step into their power and share their gifts to create a positive impact on this planet.

There are belief systems and limiting programming that can interfere with one accessing their highest potential. As a result, one may find themselves in roles that are disempowering and unfulfilling.

A Soul Blueprint Activator will open up the field of possibilities by releasing any subconscious programming that is creating lack and interference with one’s truth. Whether you know your purpose or not, you’ll receive information that’ll connect the dots, providing clarity and direction, so you’re no longer second-guessing your path.

What are some other benefits of receiving a Soul Blueprint Activator? 

  • Re-align to your soul’s purpose
  • Clear relationship and business blocks (even money blocks!)
  • Rediscover your unseen gifts and talents that have been lying dormant
  • Gain energy and expansion to your human field
  • Experience more synchronicity through intentionally tapping into the alignment of your own Soul Blueprint
  • Receive multidimensional clearing. You are a multidimensional being; you have access to your wisdom and gifts from this lifetime and other lifetimes, realities and dimensions. When we take this into account we’re able to call in certain soul fragments that are wanting to integrate into this lifetime that play a key role in your purpose.
  • Free yourself from limiting human beliefs, ancestral, trans-generational, societal, cultural, religious, and parental programming, and other earth bound energies that have been absorbed, limiting your potential
  • Expand your manifestation power
  • Expand alignment to your true self and finally express yourself from a place of innate knowing
  • Increase creativity and intuition

How should someone expect to feel after their session?

One can experience themselves connecting the dots and immediately taking
action on what they’ve been leaving on the sidelines. From creating their book, starting a product line, or launching their online business, etc., whatever has been lying dormant gets awakened.

Each person has a unique Soul Blueprint, and it depends on the information that comes through and the willingness to integrate it. If ones’ readiness is high, they can expect rapid shifts. If one’s readiness to shift is low, then we work through releasing any other factors through my 1:1 coaching sessions so that the person can finally take action on their gifts.

For example, I had a client who wanted to open up a soul healing center. After receiving her Soul Purpose Activator, it revealed that she was to start a chocolate line that includes flower essences. It also revealed that this client had tremendous resistance to accepting her alchemist and magician archetypes because her father, who had a similar archetype, was sent to jail for 11 years. For those 11 years, she never saw her father. She had a deep belief that by accepting her archetypes, she would repeat her father’s patterns and do more harm than good.

By avoiding her gifts, she was putting attention on wanting to create a space for other healers rather than focusing attention on herself. Three months later she became a certified chocolatier and didn’t open up that healing center! She’s now travelled to Brazil to study cacao for her chocolates and found someone who works with essential oils and flower essences.

More alternative soul healing methods can be found here.

The possibilities are endless!

To find out more or to book a session with Baljit head to her website.

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