Wellpicks: Vancouver’s best dairy-free ice cream

In celebration of yesterday's #nationalicecreamday, I wanted to share my favourite spots in Vancouver to get dairy-free ice cream. While many people don't have problems with dairy, for those that do, ice cream can be particularly hard on digestion. Always on the hunt for great alternatives, finding options for ice cream has been one of my favourite challenges. Whether coconut milk or cashew based, it seems ice cream shops and restaurants are really starting to figure out how to make ice cream you would never know is dairy-free. Here are my favourites.

Friendly ice creamFriendly Snack Bar

Friendly is a great new little plant-based and gluten-free snack bar at Main and Broadway started by the owners of The Wallflower/Smallflower, Zimt Chocolates and vegan ice cream truck, Say Hello Sweets. Their ice cream flavours continuously rotate, but so far I've tried their banana walnut, strawberry and lime coconut-based ice creams, and they are unreal. All their ice creams are also available in gluten-free waffle cones, and to take away in a pint.

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Earnest Ice CreamEarnest Ice Cream 

When I first moved to Vancouver and tried Earnest Ice Cream's (regular dairy) chocolate and salted caramel ice creams, I was convinced it was the best ice cream I'd ever had in my life. So when I went back and tried their dairy-free chocolate ice cream, and found it was just as good, I was pretty excited. Their dairy-free flavours are also rotated, so while you don't know what you're going to get when you walk in, so far I have not been disappointed.


  • Still obsessed with the colours in this months lineup 😍
  • A scoop of Raspberry will surely brighten your day! Happy weekend friends 😊💕
  • Make your Friday fresh with Mint Chip! House made dark chocolate flakes and mint from @seelymint 💚
  • 🍒 Our feature Black Forest Sundae is still available at all shops. If you love the cake this is the sundae for you!
Go for a plant based version with any vegan flavour, minus whip 🌱😊

virtous pieVirtuous Pie 

I love Virtuous Pie for so many reasons, but mostly because they took two of my favourite things, pizza and ice cream, and came up with a way to make them dairy-free. Instead of a coconut base, Virtuous Pie uses cashews for their ice cream, serving select flavours each day, but also offering take-home pints. This is not your average ice cream - their flavours include Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Coffee + Donuts, and Charcoal Banana Coconut. Imagine going for pizza and ice cream and not feeling sick or bloated after you eat? Well this is now totally possible.

  • Things are getting CORNY 🌽| We're introducing our NEW summer menu on Wednesday June 26 - check our latest blog to see the full new menu through the link in our bio!
SUCCOTASH SALAD | Charred Sweet Corn, Edamame, Red Onion + Pepper, Fresh Parsley, Bacon Vinaigrette
STREET CORN PIZZA | Garlic Paprika Butter, Charred Corn, Feta Cheese, Cashew Mozzarella, Cilantro Lime Crema, Fresh Coriander + Lime
  • KEEPERS. Don't worry, the Stranger Wings + Kale Caesar aren't going anywhere. However we are saying goodbye to a few pizzas, small plates, and ice cream flavours to make room for our new summer menu launching next Wednesday, June 26.
Visit our blog to see what's coming off the menu, and hurry in between now and Tuesday for your last chance to enjoy items like the Grandma Pie, Calabrese, and Curry Mile. Link in bio!
  • We're 1 week away from our SUMMER MENU LAUNCH! Which means you've also got 1 week left to get your fix of some items we're saying goodbye to, like our Chorizo + Artichoke 'Za.
Check our blog to see what's coming off the menu through the link in our bio👆🏼
📸: @vegetaryn
  • These flavours are slowly melting away... because we've got 4 new flavours coming your way next Wednesday, June 26th! Which means you have 8 days left to come get your favourite scoop. Or 3... today is All Day Happy/Virtuous Hour which means ice cream flights are $2 off! 🍦

Rain or shine ice creamRain or Shine 

While Rain or Shine typically only serves one dairy-free option at a time, it's usually some delicious variation of chocolate coconut something, and that works for me. They're also pretty inventive with their seasonal ingredients, and offer a pretty great sundae (complete with dairy-free chocolate sauce). If you want to skip the line, I find the location on Cambie is often way less crowded than the one in Kits, which often has lines down the block.

  • Your scooper: How many scoops would you like?

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  • Summer is officially here! It’s finally time to grab those sunglasses, soak up some vitamin D, and do it with an ice cream in hand. Make sure you stop by any of our 3 stores or our truck and say hi. We can’t wait to see you! 🤗
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  • Wednesday ice cream flights got us taking off for cloud 9. 😎
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  • A friendly reminder what day of the week it is. 🌮 #TacoTuesday (Thanks @peanut_butter_andkelly for the pic!)

Hey KokomoHey Kokomo

Hey Kokomo is a new "plant-focused" cafe that recently opened in Chinatown. What I'm most excited about is that they are the first place in Canada to serve Coco Whip, a vegan, creamy soft-serve ice cream, made with coconut water, vegetable probiotics and no refined sugar. Right now they are only open during the day, but are a great place to escape to on your lunch break or on a Saturday afternoon.

  • No fomo here! All your favourite tastes of a poke bowl—Kokomo style 🌞
  • Who’s tried our new almond butter cups? Made with our not-so-secret ingredient, @sunpotion tocos, these treats are a bio-available source of vitamin E, promoting healthy skin and connective tissues. Aka this is food for your skin! Eat up friends 😋
  • The best thing about weekdays are weekday lunches. Right?!
  • You’re looking at a group of people that are 10k closer to #seawheeze2019. Grateful to see @bluemonkeydrinks at the end—keeping us hydrated and happy 🌞💯 .
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us—pick your pace and distance! See you next Saturday at 9am!!!

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